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Important product phase-out announcement

The following I-VALO Product families will be phased-out at the end of the year 2014. Spare parts for these luminaire models will still be available after phase-out.

LAXUS 9231 & 9241 –luminaires
REGULAR 6232 & 6242 –luminaires
SUPER 6233 & 6243 –luminaires (incl. Teflon cover and sand blasting version)
6263 –luminaires
6234/6244 –luminaires (luminaires with hot-restrike igniter)
6237/6247 –floodlight & crane luminaires



6267 – 1000W floodlight luminaire, EX9231 & EX9241, EX6232 & EX6242 are not included in the phasing out products at this point in time.

These above mentioned I-Valo products are replaced with top quality and highly energy-efficient I-VALO VEGA models.

Special application versions as well as accessories (e.g. models for food & beverage industry, models for sand blasting areas, and hot restrike igniter versions) are still under product development and any news regarding the replacing products will be informed later.

Furthermore, new luminaires for mid-power LED products are coming up, I-Valo will keep you informed!

For additional information, please contact I-Valo Sales.

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