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New color on I-Valo industrial luminaires

I-Valo unifies the color of its industrial luminaires. Starting from January 1, 2015 I-Valo will unify the color of its industrial luminaires into so-called VEGA-color, which is a light grey polyester coating RAL 7047.

The VEGA color has received a good feedback from clientele, not only for its fresh shade of grey but also for being a more ecological choice. Polyester paint is more energy efficient alternative due to its lower painting temperature compared to epoxy coating, less harmful chemicals are released in the paint manufacturing process and it withstands UV radiation much better. Thus the color stays unchanged also in outdoor installation.

The current middle grey color RAL 7040 is no longer available after the year change. The item numbers are going to stay unchanged with the exception of VIVO luminaire family.

VIVO’s current dark grey color will stay in the product range as an alternative color. Item numbers of VIVO with dark grey will remain the same. However, the delivery time might be longer. RAL color will slightly change from RAL 7011 to RAL 7024. The new graphite grey is more pure shade of grey compared to RAL 7011 and it has the same subtle grain effect as does VEGA paint.

The new light grey VEGA color will be the new standard color also when it comes to VIVO luminaire family. The light grey VIVO luminaires will have new item numbers which may be found in this VIVO leaflet.


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