I-VALO DORA is a new high-quality family of luminaires for general lighting in industrial spaces. The luminaire can be used for similar applications as powerful lowbays equipped with traditional discharge lamps or fluorescent luminaires. The typical installation height is 2–8 metres but, depending on the model, the luminaire can also be installed higher. The DORA family of luminaires includes two different lengths of luminaires; the longer model has either two or four light modules, while the short model is available with either one or two light modules as alternatives. Both luminaire lengths are available with both wide and medium wide light distribution. The wide light distribution has been implemented using a PMMA, PC or tempered glass sheet with an anti-glare film that also effectively prevents discomfort glare.

The luminaire has been equipped with a replaceable Gore filter for purifying the pressure-balancing air flowing into the luminaire.  It keeps the inner parts of the luminaire clean and prevents dirt from damaging the sensitive LED chips. This guarantees that the luminaire has a long service life. Very careful component and material choices ensure that the luminaire is of the best possible quality.

Ta class: -40°C... +60°C (varies by luminaire type)
Enclosure rating: IP67
Input power: 28 W, 54 W, 109 W or 146 W
Colour temperature: 4000 K (neutral white)
Luminous flux: 3900 lm – 22700 lm (varies by luminaire type)
Luminous efficacy of the luminaire: Up to 169 lm/W


D100 Suspension bracket

D200 Adjustable suspension double bracket


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