A general luminaire for both outdoor and indoor use in demanding conditions. Thanks to its small size and registered design, the luminaire is suitable for use in public places and in an industrial environment.

When planning the luminaire, the starting points were easy: installability, good maintainability, long life and outstanding energy-efficiency. The innovative control of the temperature inside the luminaire guarantees the long life of the electronic control gear representing the latest technology. A PTFE filter protects the inside of the luminaire from soiling. Thanks to the air-pressure tested, extruded aluminium body and high-quality extruded silicone gaskets the luminaire retains its light output ratio (LOR) even in the most demanding conditions.

Thanks to its lightness, the luminaire is fast and easy to install. Safe and easy maintenance is ensured by the automatic voltage cut-off of the luminaire when opening the cover and by the easily openable and detachable luminaire technology. Typical installation height 2–8 m.