The HiTe (High Temperature) luminaire is especially designed for hot and humid industrial process spaces, such as the lighting of a paper machine’s drying cylinders or a cement factory’s cyclone areas.

Typical installation height 2–8 m.

In addition to the luminaire part, a ballast box 6053, which is to be placed in a cooler space, is needed (sold separately). The ballast boxes are available for groups of 1, 2, 3 or 4 luminaires. Please note that all the ballasts in the ballast box must be in use.

Note: Component suppliers have scaled back the development and production of components utilising conventional technology as the sector is making the transition to LED technology. The availability of luminaire components utilising conventional technology will become increasingly uncertain and therefore luminaire manufacturers are likely to find it difficult to continue to supply discharge lamp luminaires. However, I-Valo strives to offer its customers all the models for which a corresponding product based on LED technology is not yet available. Despite this, we have had to make structural changes to some models, such as the HITE luminaire that comes with a metal-halide lamp and a Ta class of a whopping +120 degrees. As a result of this, the HITE luminaire will in the future be delivered with a conventional magnetic ballast instead of an electronic ballast. You can find technical data for the new-design conventional HITE luminaire from the product cards below.