Since 1971


I-Valo has manufactured luminaires since 1971. During this over 50-year period, I-Valo has delivered thousands of different lighting solutions to all kinds of applications. All implemented solutions are based on customer needs, and I-Valo’s experts plan all solutions with energy efficiency, practicality and aesthetic design in mind.

I-Valo’s modern production technology makes available many different options and combinations providing individual and creative packages that can be tailored from standard products to meet customers’ requirements.

I-Valo has certified quality and environmental systems (SFS ISO 9001:2015 and SFS ISO 14001:2015). As a result, operations are consistent and of uniform quality. Thanks to our operating policy, our customers can rely on the fact that all promises are kept and that the product is a safe solution, suitable for its purpose and will function reliably for years.

The roots of I-Valo’s luminaire design extend to the famous Iittala glass factory, which is located in close proximity to the I-Valo factory. Design is an important part of I-Valo’s products and increasing emphasis is placed on it. I-Valo’s production plant is located in Iittala, within the Hämeenlinna municipality. A significant part of production is exported around the world. I-Valo is part of Fagerhult Group which operates actively with 12 brands in 28 countries.

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