Since 1971


I-Valo has manufactured luminaires since 1971. During this over 50-year period, I-Valo has delivered thousands of different lighting solutions to all kinds of applications. All implemented solutions are based on customer needs, and I-Valo’s experts plan all solutions with energy efficiency, practicality and aesthetic design in mind.

I-Valo’s modern production technology makes available many different options and combinations providing individual and creative packages that can be tailored from standard products to meet customers’ requirements.

I-Valo has certified quality and environmental systems (SFS ISO 9001:2015 and SFS ISO 14001:2015). As a result, operations are consistent and of uniform quality. Thanks to our operating policy, our customers can rely on the fact that all promises are kept and that the product is a safe solution, suitable for its purpose and will function reliably for years.

The roots of I-Valo’s luminaire design extend to the famous Iittala glass factory, which is located in close proximity to the I-Valo factory. Design is an important part of I-Valo’s products and increasing emphasis is placed on it. I-Valo’s production plant is located in Iittala, within the Hämeenlinna municipality. A significant part of production is exported around the world. I-Valo is part of Fagerhult Group which operates actively with 12 brands in 28 countries.

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To meet our customers’ needs for lighting in challenging conditions through our energy-efficient, reliable and innovative solutions.


To be a reliable, leading supplier of customer-oriented, advanced lighting solutions designed for challenging conditions.


Internal entrepreneurship
Operating culture
Innovative thinking



Our Quality, Environment, Health and Safety (QEHS) policy

Our QEHS policy is applied to all our processes. This policy supports our strategy and defines our management’s commitment to quality, occupational and product safety, the environment and continuous improvement in all our operations.

Occupational and product safety

  • We offer a safe work environment to all our employees, suppliers and subcontractors.
  • We engage and motivate our employees by offering induction, further training and opportunities for development.
  • We develop our safety culture, which is clearly reflected in our work environment.
  • We offer safe, environmentally friendly high-quality products and services.

Compliance with regulations

  • We meet all our statutory obligations and group-level commitments and requirements as well as other requirements and voluntary commitments that we have undertaken to adhere to in our operations.
  • In addition, we offer our employees extensive health and well-being services.











 Quality and continuous improvement

  • The management is responsible for the efficiency, development and implementation of the QEHS management system.
  • We focus on our customers’ needs, wishes and requirements. We strive to offer the best possible customer experience.
  • We continuously plan, monitor and improve our processes.










  Environmental protection

  • We manage the environmental risks related to our operations and strive to reduce our environmental impact in all our operations.
  • We improve our resource efficiency by using raw materials efficiently and by reducing our energy consumption, greenhouse emissions and water use.









Active and open communications

  • We strive to ensure continuous and open flow of information internally and externally, and we report to our stakeholders on the impact of our operations.
  • Our collaboration is based on trust and respect.
  • Our staff policy is built on our values, ethical principles and work community development plan, which is updated regularly.
  • We also consider our operations’ indirect impacts and encourage operators in our procurement chain, our customers and consumers to act responsibly in QEHS matters.






Resource allocation

  • Our management ensures that our company has the required level of skills and resources to guarantee the production of high-quality functions and services, the manufacture of safe products, the consideration of environmental and safety impacts and the reduction of risks pertaining to all our processes.