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I-Valo’s comprehensive range of industrial luminaires covers the diverse lighting requirements of different industries

I-Valo has more than 50 years of experience in providing high-quality lighting solutions for various industries. The design of luminaires, in particular, takes into account challenging industrial conditions, such as impurities, heat, humidity and vibration in the installation environment. The luminaires must also offer long service lives and be easy to maintain, as they are often installed at hard-to-reach locations. The process equipment and installation heights at industrial plants vary, which poses a challenge to the positioning of the luminaires. For this reason, I-Valo has always considered the development of different installation solutions to be of equal importance as the design of the luminaires themselves.

Even though the luminaires are designed for particularly challenging conditions, we also have a large number of models that are ideal for less demanding industrial environments. In addition, we have selected from the range of our Dutch sister company Veko some unrivalled linear luminaire models that are extremely quick to install to complement the lighting solutions for less demanding installation sites. Examples of such sites include car parks, sports halls, warehouses, logistics centres and offices. Veko has more than 45 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high-quality linear lighting solutions.

Retrofit solutions and upgradable luminaires

As I-Valo’s lighting solutions have always had a long service life, the old discharge lamp luminaires are still widely in use. For this reason, I-Valo offers an extensive range of retrofit packages, which can be used to upgrade your old luminaires to more energy-efficient LEDs. You can view the available retrofit solutions here and find out which modern LED luminaire can be used to replace your old I-Valo luminaire.

In line with the values of sustainable development, new I-Valo luminaires are always designed so that the light source can be upgraded, meaning that at the end of its service life, the luminaire can be easily opened and the components inside replaced.

Outstanding properties

  • energy-efficiency
  • luminous efficacy
  • excellent anti-glare properties
  • high IP classification (tightness of the casing)
  • the luminaire’s filtering technology keeps the interior parts clean
  • solutions for both high temperatures and freezing conditions
  • robust aluminium frame
  • C5 coating classification (very corrosive environments)
  • cover glass options to suit the application (polycarbonate, acrylic, tempered glass)
  • D-marking (the luminaire’s surface temperature does not exceed 90°C)
  • LED luminaires switch on without delay (cf. discharge lamp luminaires)
  • long life cycle
  • the luminaire being upgradeable (replaceable technology) extends its service life even further
  • a variety of connection options
  • an extensive range of mounting brackets
  • excellent vibration resistance
  • eSense control option (DAVI, XENRE)

Livestock buildings

High-quality lighting is essential for human wellbeing and should also be taken into account in the case of animals. For example, well-designed LED lighting in barns will have a huge impact on the cows’ milk production. In addition, lighting control can be used to influence animals’ circadian rhythms, thereby affecting the heat cycles of cows. The control system can also be used to set a pleasantly low night-time lighting level allowing sufficient visibility for navigating the space.

In Finland, the long dark season increases the amount of energy required for lighting. A well-designed lighting solution can create major energy savings at dairy farms. High-quality LED lighting will also contribute to occupational safety and reduce the need for luminaire maintenance. I-Valo’s LED luminaires can be ordered with a dual-effect filter that removes ammonia to protect the luminaires’ LED components from gaseous ammonia, which typically occurs in livestock buildings. The dual-effect filter with a plastic casing offers added durability in environments where aggressive chemicals would corrode a filter with a metal casing.

Fluorescent tube luminaires are often used in animal buildings. Old fluorescent tube luminaires with a plastic housing should be replaced with LED luminaires for fire safety reasons alone. In I-Valo’s aluminium-framed luminaires, the heat is distributed evenly and no hot spots are formed. Every time a fluorescent tube is switched on and off, its remaining service life becomes shorter. When switched on, a fluorescent tube may take anything from 30 seconds to a full minute to reach its full brightness, whereas a LED will switch on without delay and its service life is not affected by the number of times it is switched on and off. I-Valo’s DAVI luminaires come with a replaceable LED module, which means that the luminaire can be easily maintained when the LED component reaches the end of its service life. This helps reduce the lifecycle costs even further when compared to non-replaceable LEDs.

I-Valo’s luminaires are available with various diffusers. In terms of resistance to chemicals, tempered safety glass is a better choice than polycarbonate or acrylic, while plastic diffusers have better impact resistance in case the diffuser may be subjected to shocks.

A polyester-coated aluminium frame offers an extremely high corrosion resistance (C5).

Products recommended by us

XENRE, DAVI, 6721LED & 6741LED

Space, tasks or operationsIlluminance (lux)Glare (UGR)UniformityColour rendering (Ra)
Loading and processing of goods, handling of equipment and machinery200250,4080
Livestock buildings500,4040
Pens for sick animals and calving200250,6080
Processing of feed, milk store rooms, cleaning of equipment200250,6080

Wood processing industry

The sawmill, wood construction product and carpentry industries are at the heart of I-Valo’s specialised expertise. Naturally, the conditions in these industries are dusty and various types of fumes may be present in the air in surface treatment areas. I-Valo’s dustproof luminaires with filters are a reliable and long-lasting solution even in such environments.

A luminaire with a D-marking should be selected for dusty areas with an increased risk of a fire. The D-marking means that the luminaire’s surface temperature will not exceed 90°C. This ensures that the luminaires do not pose a fire risk.

Saws and various woodworking machines for turning, planing, groove-cutting, milling, etc. must prevent the stroboscopic effect.

Products recommended by us




Space, tasks or operationsIlluminance (lux)Glare (UGR)UniformityColour rendering (Ra)
Planing, gluing, assembly300250,6080
Polishing, painting, special carpentry750220,7080
Working with machine tools500190,6080
Quality control, inspections1000190,7090

Warehouses and logistics centres

In tall logistics centres and warehouses, it’s all about where and when light is needed. Employees must be able to work and move around the premises safely. They need reliable, glare-free light, in the right warehouse section, along the right corridor, at the right time, i.e. when people are moving about there.

If you choose energy-efficient modern lighting, lighting will no longer be one of the biggest cost factors for the facilities. As a result of our continuous development work, our LED luminaires are more cost-effective than ever before. If necessary, the luminaires can be equipped with lighting control features to maximise the energy savings. Our range of luminaires includes reliable options for indoor warehouses, unheated warehouses and outdoor storage areas. The maintenance-free LED luminaires with a long service life will also save on maintenance costs, as the light sources in the luminaires that are installed at height and possibly at hard-to-reach locations do not need to be replaced and no lifting equipment is needed for this purpose.

The luminaires’ sufficient wattage and suitable light beam ensure that the light will reach the floor level even in tall spaces. They also ensure effective illumination of the vertical surfaces of tall storage shelves.

Upgrading a dim, uneven and possibly yellowish discharge lamp lighting of a refurbishment site to neutral white (4000 K) will increase occupational safety and improve job satisfaction. A well-designed lighting system and appropriate lighting control will reduce the costs, even though the lighting level in the space will be significantly improved.

Products recommended by us


Space, tasks or operationsIlluminance (lux)Glare (UGR)UniformityColour rendering (Ra)
Storage spaces100250,4060
Shipping and processing rooms300250,6060

Food industry

In the food industry, high-quality, uniform lighting with excellent colour rendering is important for both a safe working environment and product quality control.

Our range includes luminaires for facilities with particularly high hygiene requirements. For most of our luminaire models, you can choose a cover made from plastic (acrylic or polycarbonate) instead of glass, making the luminaire suitable for facilities where the use of glass is prohibited.
Our LED luminaires with profiled frames are easy to clean, dustproof and have a high Ta (ambient temperature) rating, making them ideal for hot environments such as bakeries, while the XENRE luminaire is suitable for installation at height in beverage industry process rooms and warehouses, for example.

Products recommended by us


Space, tasks or operationsIlluminance (lux)Glare (UGR)UniformityColour rendering (Ra)
Worksites and areas in:
— Breweries and malt houses
— Washing, filling of containers, cleaning, screening, peeling
— Cooking in the canning and chocolate industries
— Sugar mills
Sorting, washing, grinding,
mixing and packaging of products
Critical worksites and areas in slaughterhouses,
dairies and the filtering facilities of
sugar mills
Sorting and slicing of
fruits and vegetables
Inspection, product control, finishing, sorting and decoration of glasses and bottles500220,6080
Colour checking1000160,7090

Sports venues and sports halls

SFS-EN 12193 determines the minimum lighting requirements for different sports facilities. The quality required of luminaires for sports facilities is the same as for industrial luminaires: they must be efficient, impact resistant and, in the case of outdoor lighting, able to withstand changing weather conditions. The more demanding the level of training and competition, the higher the lighting requirements, meaning that the requirements for training arenas are different from those for ice rinks used for televised matches, for example.

Many sports halls are extremely tall, which means that reliability, long life and low maintenance requirements of luminaires are of paramount importance.

Products recommended by us


Space, tasks or operationsIlluminance (lux)Glare (UGR)UniformityColour rendering (Ra)
Sports halls, gyms, swimming pools (in educational buildings)300220,6080

Façade lighting

Traditionally, I-Valo luminaires have been used in industrial buildings, but our range also includes luminaire models that are excellent for target and façade lighting. There are floodlight mounting brackets for these luminaires so that it will be easy to direct the beam of light towards the object to be illuminated at just the right angle.

Products recommended by us










Professional lighting design

Professional lighting design is a must to achieve optimal lighting for production lines and process areas. I-Valo has more than five decades of experience from designing lighting solutions for a variety of industrial facilities. In addition to having an in-house lighting designer, we also work in close cooperation with the industry’s leading design firms as a consultant. In design, attention must be paid to the process requirements and any challenges and needs arising from the positioning of the luminaires. Our wide range of brackets allows the installation of luminaires at just the right place where light is needed.


Choosing a luminaire

When choosing a luminaire, the temperature, atmospheric humidity and any gases and impurities at the installation site must be taken into account. Factors that influence the choice of luminaire and the calculations are determined with care in collaboration with the client before starting the design work. A visit to the installation site may also be arranged where necessary to give our designer a more accurate understanding of the site’s lighting requirements and to allow for better consideration of any installation issues (bracketing) at the design table. We use a lux meter to measure the current luminous intensity in different areas to ensure that the new lighting solution will meet the requirements of the current standard. This means that you will not be left to your own devices as it comes to choosing a luminaire: we will assist you in finding just the right one for your space.


Lighting standard for indoor workplaces

Our design complies with the indoor lighting standard SFS-EN 12464-1. Adequate and appropriate lighting is required to carry out work efficiently, accurately and – above all – safely. The standard determines the minimum lighting requirements according to the space and work duties. In addition to adequate luminous intensity, attention must be paid to the uniformity of light, visual comfort, colour rendering and glare.

DIALux Evo

In its lighting design, I-Valo uses the German DIALux Evo lighting design program. The software can be used to calculate an optimised lighting solution for the space in accordance with lighting standards, enabling the procurement of the correct number of luminaires. I-Valo is DIAL’s Premium Partner, which enables us to offer a lighting catalogue or a plug-in containing all our luminaires to designers who use the free DIALux software. With the plug-in, it is easy to browse and select our products directly via the calculation program.

Our professional lighting design team can create comprehensive calculations, encompassing the numbers and types of luminaires required, lux levels for each space, 3D models of the spaces and false colour images of the lighting levels.

Download the Plug-In

You can request a free lighting plan by contacting our design team or by filling in this form.

Lighting design


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