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Power plants set strict criteria for lighting solutions

I-Valo has several decades of experience of designing lighting for power plant applications. Over the course of our history, we have supplied lighting solutions for modern biopower plants, conventional power plants and combined heat and power (CHP) plants. Power plants set strict requirements for luminaires because they typically involve air-borne impurities and high temperatures that place additional strain on the luminaires. These plants also have a variety of process devices and installation heights vary, which pose challenges to the positioning of the luminaires. The luminaires must also offer long service lives and be easy to maintain because they are often installed in hard-to-reach locations.

Retrofit solutions

Because I-Valo’s solutions have a long service life, old discharge lamp luminaires are still in use in numerous applications. I-Valo offers an extensive range of retrofit packages to enable you to upgrade your old luminaires to the more energy-efficient LED solutions. On this website, you can view the available retrofit solutions and find out which modern LED luminaire offers a suitable solution to replace your old I-Valo system.

Outstanding properties

  • energy-efficiency
  • luminous efficacy
  • excellent anti-glare properties
  • high IP classification (tightness of the casing)
  • the luminaire’s filtering technology keeps the interior parts clean
  • solutions for hot conditions
  • robust aluminium frame
  • C5 coating classification (very corrosive environments)
  • cover glass options to suit the application (polycarbonate, acrylic, tempered glass)
  • D label (the luminaire’s surface temperature does not exceed 90°C)
  • LED luminaires switch on without delay (cf. discharge lamp luminaires)
  • long life cycle
  • the luminaire being upgradeable (replaceable technology) extends its service life even further
  • a variety of connection options
  • an extensive range of mounting brackets
  • excellent vibration resistance
  • eSense control option

Outdoor areas

A lighting solution in a production plant’s outdoor areas must offer outstanding luminous efficacy and optimal light distribution. The luminaires must also be able to withstand changing weather conditions. In Finland, luminaires must function reliably in sub-zero temperatures. In addition, mounting brackets must withstand the strain caused by wind, for example.

An outdoor lighting solution for a production plant typically encompasses area lighting (e.g. parking areas, streets) and outdoor process areas, loading bays, walls and canopies and covers located near the buildings.


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Clean spaces

In spaces with only low levels of impurities, such as dirt, dust and gases, luminaires with a GORE or dust filter offer a suitable solution. These spaces include control rooms and electrical and technical premises. The installation heights are also typically lower and temperatures remain more moderate. Our extensive range offers several suitable options for such less challenging industrial spaces.


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Hot process premises

Temperatures may be extremely high in power plants. Depending on the fuel used, impurities may put the luminaires under additional strain. For example coal-fired plants typically contain high levels of dust, which will rapidly decrease the light output if allowed to enter the luminaire. I-Valo’s luminaires are equipped with efficient filter technology to ensure that the luminaire’s interior space remains clean and that its light output remains at a high level even in challenging conditions.


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ATEX spaces

Power plants often contain spaces that are classified as explosive atmospheres. An explosive atmosphere refers to conditions that potentially contain an explosive mixture of air. Flammable gases, mists or vapours or combustible dusts, combined with air at a normal pressure, may cause an explosive mixture of air. An explosive atmosphere may refer to an entire room or part of a room or an outdoor area indicated by markings. The owner of the facility, or the party in possession of it, is responsible for the space classifications and must prepare classifications for areas with an explosive atmosphere. Explosive atmospheres are divided into classes 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22, on the basis of the combustible substance and the duration of the risk of explosion. This classification determines the safety requirements for devices kept in the space or brought there either permanently or temporarily. (Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency, Tukes)

At the moment, I-Valo’s range includes an EX luminaire designed by the Spanish Zalux for spaces of the class 2 and 22. Fibreglass-reinforced polyester body, IP66, polycarbonate diffuser with UV protection, prismatic pattern, IK10. Stainless steel latches. Polyamide ATEX bushing M20x1.5, IP68. Ta = -20 … +40 degrees. D classification and HACCP approval.

Coming later, I-VALO DAVI EX.


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On conveyors, luminaires must have excellent anti-glare properties and a wide light distribution. Typically, these spaces are low and therefore having a low-profile luminaire is beneficial.

I-Valo’s luminaires can also be used in areas with camera monitoring. The luminaires do not cause the image to flicker.


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Access platforms

Power plant areas typically contain numerous access platforms and staircases both indoors and outdoors. Good lighting on access platforms is an important part of safety. From our wide range of brackets, you can always find a mounting method that allows you to install luminaires wherever you need light. I-Valo is known for its extensive selection of mounting systems, and it also provides customised solutions to meet the customer’s needs. A folding mounting pole that can be adjusted to provide light on the working level also makes installation and maintenance easy.

For outdoor areas, we recommend luminaires with a GORE filter. If the air contains impurities, larger and more effective filters are also available with a protective shield.


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Professional lighting design

To achieve an optimal lighting solution for production lines and process premises, professional lighting design is a must. I-Valo has more than five decades of experience of designing lighting solution for power plants. In addition to having in-house lighting design operations, we also collaborate closely with the sector’s leading designers. In design, attention must be paid to the process requirements and any challenges and needs arising from the positioning of the luminaires. Our wide range of brackets allows you to install luminaires in any location where illumination is needed. In the choice of the luminaires, the temperature, humidity and any impurities at the installation location must be considered.

Factors that influence the choice of the luminaires and lighting calculations are determined carefully in collaboration with the client before the commencement of the design work. When necessary, our designer visits the installation site.

DIALux Evo

In its lighting design, I-Valo uses the German DIALux Evo lighting design program. The software can be used to calculate an optimised lighting solution for the space in accordance with lighting standards, enabling the procurement of the correct number of luminaires. I-Valo is DIAL’s Premium Partner, which enables us to offer a lighting catalogue or a plug-in containing all our luminaires to designers who use the free DIALux software. With the plug-in, it is easy to browse and select our products directly via the calculation program.

Our professional lighting design team can create comprehensive calculations, encompassing the numbers and types of luminaires required, lux levels for each space, 3D models of the spaces and false colour images of the lighting levels.

Download the Plug-In

You can request a free lighting plan by contacting our design team or by filling in this form.

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