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Conditions in the mining industry are challenging, particularly because of the dust and dirt that typically occurs in mines.

I-Valo has supplied robust lighting solutions designed for challenging installation environments for more than five decades. The mining industry poses specific challenges to lighting solutions because luminaires are typically installed in dusty environments, which may also be hot and humid. In addition, because blasting work takes place in mines, luminaires used in the mining industry must be resistant to vibration and have excellent pressure control properties. If a luminaire is not equipped with a pressure valve or filter, it will begin to leak over time as pressure damages its gaskets. All I-Valo’s luminaires always come with a filter that is suitable for the application.

The dirt and humidity that are prevalent in mining applications have also been taken into account in the design of I-Valo’s luminaires. Condensation and dirt accumulated on the luminaire are directed off the surface via the body’s sharp edge, without the cover glass getting dirty.

Good lighting is an integral part of safety in mining work. In working areas, general lighting must be arranged in a way that enables workers to see their surroundings, ensuring that they can move between work areas safely. General lighting is often realised with lighting towers. Poor lighting conditions lead to strain to the eyes and mental fatigue, which increases the risk of accidents. Good anti-glare properties are essential for comfort and safety. Insufficient general lighting increases glare caused by reflections.

Areas where special attention is required, a more efficient general lighting solution must be arranged, with a fixed or flashing yellow alert light. As customer-specific projects, I-Valo has delivered luminaires with a yellow cover glass for added safety for mining tunnel crossings.

Retrofit solutions

Because I-Valo’s solutions have a long service life, old discharge lamp luminaires are still in use in numerous applications. I-Valo offers an extensive range of retrofit packages to enable you to upgrade your old luminaires to the more energy-efficient LED solutions. LED lamps produce high levels of illumination in relation to the amount of energy they use, and I-Valo’s LED luminaires offer excellent luminous efficiency properties. On this website, you can view the available retrofit solutions and find out which modern LED luminaire offers a suitable solution to replace your old I-Valo system.

In the development of new luminaires, the goal is to design solutions with technology that is easy to upgrade. As LEDs develop, you can easily replace your luminaire’s technology package with the latest technology once your solution has reached the end of its service life.

Outstanding properties

  • solutions for extremely hot conditions
  • luminous efficacy
  • energy-efficiency
  • excellent anti-glare properties
  • high IP classification (tightness of the casing)
  • filter technology keeps the interior space of the luminaire clean and the luminaire retains its air-tightness (filtering particles of dirt and balancing out the fluctuations in pressure caused by blasting)
  • robust aluminium frame
  • C5 coating classification (very corrosive environments)
  • cover glass options to meet the requirements (for mining applications, we recommend tempered frosted safety glass, but acrylic and polycarbonate options are also available)
  • D label (the luminaire’s surface temperature does not exceed 90°C)
  • LED luminaires switch on without delay (cf. discharge lamp luminaires)
  • long life cycle
  • the luminaire being upgradeable (replaceable technology) extends its service life even further
  • a variety of connection options
  • an extensive range of mounting brackets
  • excellent vibration resistance

Underground spaces

In mines’ underground spaces, luminaires must offer excellent corrosion resistance and anti-glare and air-tightness properties, in addition to a high level of luminous efficacy and energy-efficiency. Because tunnels and access routes are typically illuminated with a single lighting line, the luminaires must be equipped with optics that distribute light effectively sideways. From I-Valo’s range, you can find several low-profile luminaires with a wide light distribution, ideal for use in tunnels. The luminaires are equipped with a filter, which makes them able to withstand pressure fluctuations caused by blasting. The luminaire retains its air-tightness because air pressure is released in a controlled manner via the filter, without causing damage to the gaskets or glued seams. The luminaires come with a high IP classification (IP66 and IP67).


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Process premises

In the mining and mineral industry processes, such as crushing, grinding and processing, dust and vibration are commonplace and, depending on the processing methods, impurities, such as gases, may also occur.

For process premises, we recommend luminaires equipped with a dust filter. If the processes give rise to gases, a luminaire with a dual-effect filter should be used. Because of the presence of impurities, a cover glass made of tempered safety glass, available as clear and frosted versions, is recommended. Tempered safety glass is easier to keep clean as dirt does not accumulate on its surface as easily as on acrylic or polycarbonate covers.

In certain process spaces, high temperatures cause additional strain to the technology of the luminaire. With its strong expertise on lighting solutions for high ambient temperatures, I-Valo can offer luminaires specially designed for such applications.


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Outdoor areas

A lighting solution in a production plant’s outdoor areas must offer outstanding luminous efficacy and optimal light distribution. The luminaires must also be able to withstand changing weather conditions. Particularly in the Nordic region, luminaires must function reliably in sub-zero temperatures. In addition, mounting brackets must withstand the strain caused by wind, for example.

An outdoor lighting solution for a production plant typically encompasses area lighting (e.g. parking areas, streets) and outdoor process areas, loading bays, walls and canopies and covers located near the buildings.

Area lighting:

  • High luminous flux
  • Anti-glare optics
  • CLO option
  • Aluminum body with C5 corrosion class coating
  • A wide range of mounting brackets

Building walls, canopies, loading bays, access platforms:

  • Cover glass options (acrylic, polycarbonate and glass)
  • Luminaire’s long service life and upgradeability
  • Energy-efficiency
  • eSense control option
  • Anti-glare optics
  • High IK and IP classifications
  • Aluminum body with C5 corrosion class coating
  • A wide range of mounting brackets, for example pipe and railing brackets for access platforms
  • Special connectors and cables as optional accessories
  • Possibility to tailor the solution to customer needs
  • Filter options and filter shields


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Professional lighting design

To achieve an optimal lighting solution for mining and mineral industry applications, professional lighting design is a must. I-Valo has more than five decades of experience of designing lighting solutions for challenging applications. In addition to having in-house lighting design operations, we also collaborate with the sector’s leading designers. In design, attention must be paid to the process requirements and any challenges arising from the positioning of the luminaires. Our wide range of brackets allows you to install luminaires in any location where illumination is needed. In the choice of the luminaires, the temperature, humidity and any impurities at the installation location must be considered.

Factors that influence the choice of the luminaires and lighting calculations are determined carefully in collaboration with the client before the commencement of the design work. When necessary, our designer visits the installation site.

DIALux Evo

In its lighting design, I-Valo uses the German DIALux Evo lighting design program. The software can be used to calculate an optimised lighting solution for the space in accordance with lighting standards, enabling the procurement of the correct number of luminaires. I-Valo is DIAL’s Premium Partner, which enables us to offer a lighting catalogue or a plug-in containing all our luminaires to designers who use the free DIALux software. With the plug-in, it is easy to browse and select our products directly via the calculation program.

Our professional lighting design team can create comprehensive calculations, encompassing the numbers and types of luminaires required, lux levels for each space, 3D models of the spaces and false colour images of the lighting levels.

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You can request a free lighting plan by contacting our design team or by filling in this form.

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