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Data Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. We handle the personal data of our customers, partners, employees and any private person according to laws and the obligations set by the data protection directive. We collect different types of personal data depending on whether you are a customer, visitor on our website, or something else.

As I-Valo handles your personal data, you always have the right to request an extract from our register to check which information we have collected about you. We can remove or correct the data if you want. Please deliver inspection or correction request directly to the registrar’s representative, in person or by post in writing including your signature.

All data is handled according to European Union’s general data protection (GDPR). The data is not regularly given to any other party or outside the EU or EEA. The register data is only handled in Finland and kept on servers located in the EU.

According to the GDPR (starting from 25 May 2018), the registered person has the right to reject or request for limited handling of their data as well as to complain about personal data management to the data protection authority. The contact information of all EU controlling authorities are available here: (


The following persons are responsible for handling personal data:

Marketing registers:
Meike Kinnunen, Marketing Manager,

Customer relationship management (CRM):
Jussi Veijola, Sales Director,


I-Valo website visitors and newsletter subscribers

I-Valo has developed its online services to communicate news, promote products and ensure document and file availability. The personal data collected is used to develop the company website, products and services. We also collect statistical data of the website users. Read more at: Cookies.

We collect the names and email addresses of our newsletter recipients and use this data only to manage the newsletters. You can unsubscribe to this register at any moment. From other forms (contact, feedback and customer event registration forms) we collect the name, email address, phone number, professional title, and possibly points of interest in order to target our information correctly.

Handling personal data is based on the consent of the registered person (contact forms) or a legitimate interest of the registrar (cookies on the website etc.). The data is not kept for longer than necessary. The data will be reduced as necessary.


Company/employer as a customer of I-Valo

I-Valo collects data about companies and their employees as much as is necessary so that we can manage customer relations and fulfil our obligation as a supplier regarding, for example, order deliveries and targeted customer service. We handle personal data, including name, email, phone number, address, purchase history, and other possible information that you leave with us as a customer.


Meetings with customers

I-Valo organizes various customer events Related to customer events we may collect more information about special diets and other event-related matters so that we can plan and provide an event that is as comfortable and interesting as possible. I-Valo manages this information, and it will be removed after the event.


Customer relationship management (CRM) system

We handle customers’ personal data within our own customer relationship management (CRM) system, with which we aim to create customer relations, promote sales and perform direct marketing. Personal data is collected when you consent to it and when there is a clear reason to collect data in order to develop business relations. The data to handle in the CRM include name, email address, phone number, professional title and employer company. The data will be reduced as necessary.



We want to protect your personal data. We protect the data by using secure SLL connections. We also use internal security systems so that we can limit access to databases that contain personal data that can be identified.


I-Valo and social media

In I-Valo’s channels on social media, you can find various news about products and services as well as events. The following persons are responsible for managing, controlling and publishing the accounts:

  • I-Valo Marketing Manager
    • Digital agency Trimedia, with whom I-Valo has a valid data processing contract

By social media we refer to the following:
• Facebook
• Instagram
• Youtube
• LinkedIn
• Twitter

We reserve the right to remove any offensive, inappropriate and racist comments.



Cookies are used to improve user experience and to optimize the website. Our website includes cookies that collect data about its users. The cookies enable marketing monitoring with Google Analytics and Facebook, for example. With this information we aim to improve our website and the targeting of our marketing. You can disable cookies in the settings of your browser so that your visits to our website cannot be monitored.


Cookie handling

If you do not approve the use of cookies, you can disable it at the security settings of your browser. You can also set your browser to receive a warning whenever a website is trying to place a cookie on your computer. You can remove previously saved cookies in your browser. Read more about checking which cookies have been saved in your browser, how to remove them and how to set your browser to approve cookies or reject the use of cookies in the Help pages of your browser.

For more information about our principles regarding the data protection directive, data processing, data security or cookies, please contact us at

I-Valo Oy
Tehtaantie 3B
Tel. +358 10 501 3000

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