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I-Valo’s industrial luminaires were created to meet the Finnish industry’s need for lighting solutions that can withstand the challenging industrial conditions. When I-Valo’s first industrial luminaires were designed in the early 1970s, the development work was carried out in collaboration with paper industry representatives, for example. This guaranteed that the luminaires would meet the needs of the end user. I-Valo’s luminaires have provided an optimal lighting solution for numerous paper and pulp mills in Finland and abroad.

Uncompromising development work continues in the area of modern LED luminaires, with the latest standards and challenging operating conditions considered in their design. I-Valo remains a trusted supplier for many of Europe’s largest, modern bioproduct plants.


Retrofit solutions

Because I-Valo’s solutions have a long service life, old discharge lamp luminaires are still in use in numerous applications, particularly in the paper industry. I-Valo offers an extensive range of retrofit packages to enable you to upgrade your old luminaires to the more energy-efficient LED solutions. On this website, you can view the available retrofit solutions and find out which modern LED luminaire offers a suitable solution to replace your old I-Valo system.

Requirements set by the installation environment

Industrial environments set specific requirements for luminaires. In the choice of the luminaire, the ability to function in dirty and hot conditions must be considered. I-Valo’s LED luminaires are designed to withstand extremely high temperatures. The luminaires are equipped with filter technology that removes any impurities from the incoming air, keeping the interior spaces of the luminaire clean. Thanks to this filtering technology, the luminaires retain their high luminous efficacy even in dusty conditions.

I-Valo’s luminaire range offers solutions that meet the needs of paper and pulp production facilities. Such facilities require several different types of luminaire for spaces such as the high production areas, roll storage spaces and hot drying hoods, as well as outdoor areas. I-Valo can offer the right luminaires with the right properties for various areas of the construction project or an overall solution even for a large project.

Outstanding properties

  • energy-efficiency
  • luminous efficacy
  • excellent anti-glare properties
  • high IP classification (tightness of the casing)
  • the luminaire’s filtering technology keeps the interior parts clean
  • solutions for hot conditions
  • robust aluminium frame
  • C5 coating classification (very corrosive environments)
  • cover glass options to suit the application (polycarbonate, acrylic, tempered glass)
  • D label (the luminaire’s surface temperature does not exceed 90°C)
  • LED luminaires switch on without delay (cf. discharge lamp luminaires)
  • long life cycle
  • the luminaire being upgradeable (replaceable technology) extends its service life even further
  • a variety of connection options
  • an extensive range of mounting brackets
  • excellent vibration resistance
  • eSense control option (DAVI, XENRE)

Outdoor areas

A lighting solution in a production plant’s outdoor areas must offer outstanding luminous efficacy and optimal light distribution. The luminaires must also be able to withstand changing weather conditions. In Finland, luminaires must function reliably in sub-zero temperatures. In addition, mounting brackets must withstand the strain caused by wind, for example.

An outdoor lighting solution for a production plant typically encompasses area lighting (e.g. wood storage areas, parking areas, streets) and outdoor process areas, loading bays, walls and canopies and covers located near the buildings.

Area lighting:

  • High luminous flux
  • Anti-glare optics
  • CLO option
  • Aluminum body with C5 corrosion class coating
  • A wide range of mounting brackets

Building walls, canopies, loading bays, access platforms:

  • Cover glass options (acrylic, polycarbonate and glass)
  • Luminaire’s long service life and upgradeability
  • Energy-efficiency
  • eSense control option
  • Anti-glare optics
  • High IK and IP classifications
  • Aluminum body with C5 corrosion class coating
  • A wide range of mounting brackets, for example pipe and railing brackets for access platforms
  • Special connectors and cables as optional accessories
  • Possibility to tailor the solution to customer needs
  • Filter options and filter shields


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Process premises

Industrial process premises require high-quality light that does not cause glare. Such lighting is an integral part of safe and pleasant working conditions. In process facilities, luminaires are typically exposed to vibration, heat, humidity, impurities, and even harmful chemicals. Installation and maintenance may also pose challenges because of the installation heights or process equipment that restrict access to the luminaire. Therefore, the luminaires must be easy to install and care-free to use.

In paper mills, lighting may be required in spaces where temperatures exceed +100 °C. Reliable operations by an LED luminaire in hot environments is not a given. I-Valo offers a reliable lighting solution for a paper machine’s drying hood.

In the paper industry, high process spaces (with an installation height of up to 40 m) include peeling plants, pulp plants, drying facilities, paper machine spaces and baling spaces. Low process premises (with an installation height of 2.5–5 m) include recovery boilers, evaporator plants, causticizing plants, lime kilns and gas plants.

In these spaces, I-Valo’s luminaires have the following advantages:

  • filtering technology with a wide range of filter options
  • corrosion resistance (possibility to use an epoxy coating, which is more heat-resistant than a polyester coating)
  • replaceable technology
  • high Ta-rating of luminaires
  • easy installation
  • air-tightness (IP classification)


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On conveyors, luminaires must have excellent anti-glare properties and a wide light distribution. Typically, these spaces are low and therefore having a low-profile luminaire is beneficial.

I-Valo’s luminaires can also be used in areas with camera monitoring. The luminaires do not cause the image to flicker.


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Clean spaces

Industrial environments also include spaces where high luminous flux levels are needed because of the installation height but which do not expose the luminaire to external strains, such as corrosive chemicals. These spaces include warehouses and loading bays.

In warehouse corridors, luminaires should have a medium-wide light distribution to provide even illumination for the vertical surfaces of high shelfs. Higher the shelfing units, the stronger the lighting must be to illuminate the bottom shelfs.

In the lighting design, the use and usage rate of the spaces must be taken into account. If the space also houses workstations and areas with continuous operations, the lighting level in the work areas must be around 200–500 lx, depending on the precision requirements of the work. If the spaces are only used irregularly, the lighting should be controlled in line with the use so that the lights can be dimmed when the space is not occupied.

Factory facilities that require lighting often include lower spaces where the luminaires do not come under any specific strains. These space include electrical centres, transformers, hydraulic spaces and HVAC rooms. In such spaces, luminaires must offer good luminous efficacy and even light quality. The light must not cause glare or create shadows on access routes.

In clean spaces, luminaires with either a GORE or dust filter can be used.


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Professional lighting design

To achieve an optimal lighting solution for production lines and process premises, professional lighting design is a must. I-Valo has more than five decades of experience of designing lighting solutions for the paper and pulp industry. In addition to having in-house lighting design operations, we also collaborate with the sector’s leading designers.

In design, attention must be paid to the process requirements and any challenges arising from the positioning of the luminaires. Our wide range of brackets allows you to install luminaires in any location where illumination is needed. In the choice of the luminaires, the temperature, humidity and any impurities at the installation location must be considered (e.g. paper dust). Factors that influence the choice of the luminaires and lighting calculations are determined carefully in collaboration with the client before the commencement of the design work. When necessary, our designer visits the installation site.

DIALux Evo

In its lighting design, I-Valo uses the German DIALux Evo lighting design program. The software can be used to calculate an optimised lighting solution for the space in accordance with lighting standards, enabling the procurement of the correct number of luminaires. I-Valo is DIAL’s Premium Partner, which enables us to offer a lighting catalogue or a plug-in containing all our luminaires to designers who use the free DIALux software. With the plug-in, it is easy to browse and select our products directly via the calculation program.

Our professional lighting design team can create comprehensive calculations, encompassing the numbers and types of luminaires required, lux levels for each space, 3D models of the spaces and false colour images of the lighting levels.

Download the Plug-In

You can request a free lighting plan by contacting our design team or by filling in this form.

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