Lighting planning

I-Valo wishes to offer its customers lighting solutions with affordable life-cycle costs.

Familiarity with the premises and processes of dif erent branches of business is a prerequisite for optimal lighting planning. I-Valo's employees have strong experience in planning different demanding lighting projects for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Advantages of smart lighting planning

  • Lighting optimised according to the needs and requirements of the area/process to be lit.
  • Solution with af ordable life-cycle costs
  • Energy, installation and maintenance costs as low as possible 
  • Luminaire placement according to the needs of maintenance and use

3D lighting plans

I-Valo uses the independent DIALux lighting planning programme, which does not depend on luminaire manufacturers and makes the visualisation of lighting plans possible. As a result of visualised lighting calculation results, the ef ects of different solutions and options are easily evaluated. A CAD layout in DXF or DWG format can be imported in the programme to facilitate the placement of lighting-affecting fittings, process devices, maintenance platforms, stairways, etc. The results of a complete lighting plan can be visualised in a 3D view at different levels. The lighting planning software can be downloaded free of charge at www.dial.de

I-Valo PlugIn

I-Valo has been a DIALux partner since 2006. In the programme, it uses 3D models for its luminaires. The models make the placement and orientation of the luminaires easier. 

Energy calculator

With the above energy calculator (click the calculator icon) one may easily count the energy savings for a new lighting solution compared to the existing one. The inexpensive purchase price of one luminaire does not always guarantee savings in a long run but one has to consider the total expenses which includes the energy consumption of the luminaire as well as the maintenance needs.