A new robust top-quality LED luminaire for high installation heights. This LED highbay luminaire is suitable for high industrial applications that demand particular durability of the luminaire. Typical locations for the luminaire include machine shops, pulp and paper mills, sawmills, wood processing industry, warehouses etc. With polycarbonate closing cover the luminaire is also suitable e.g. for food and beverage industry.

XENRE product options

  • Input power: 85 W - 289 W
  • Ta class: -40°C... +80°C (varies between models)
  • Lumen output range: 17100 lm - 31400 lm
  • Closing cover: tempered safety glass or polycarbonate (PC)
  • Filters: GORE-filter, dust filter, plastic double filter, metallic double filter, ammonia filter
  • Light distributions: medium wide, wide
  • Control: DALI or ON/OFF

Installation brackets (ordered separately)

XENRE has same bracket type as used with traditional I-VALO REGULAR and HORIZONTAL/SUPER highbay luminaires, which brings special advantages when existing luminaire positions are to be retained in renovation projects.