Towards cleaner products without compromising on efficiency and the length of service lives

I-Valo engages in continuous product development to ensure that our products do not contain hazardous or harmful substances. Our goal is to minimise and avoid the use of components containing such substances in our existing and new products. When the use of harmful or hazardous substances cannot be avoided, we notify our customers in accordance with Article 33 (REACH).

I-Valo meets the obligation set in the EU’s Waste Framework Directive to determine the levels of substances of concern used in its products and to register them in the European Chemicals Agency’s SCIP database when necessary. The European Chemicals Agency’s SVHC register is updated twice a year. Information on articles containing substances of very high concern (SVHCs) in a concentration above 0.1% weight by weight (w/w) is compiled in the SCIP database. The goal of the database is to ensure the safe reutilisation of products after they have reached the end of their service lives. It offers parties processing and reusing waste accurate information on the hazardous properties of materials used in the manufacture of the products and the components of the product that contain such substances.

SVHC candidate list:
European Chemicals Agency:

If you would like further information on a particular luminaire and any SVHC substances it may contain, please contact our product development department:

Milla Hietaharju
QEHS/R&D Manager
Tel. +358 40 185 8815