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The luminaire breaths through the filter. I-Valo’s efficient and unique filtering technique keeps the inner parts of the luminaire clean. Technique filters dirt and gas: the luminaire retains its luminosity even in demanding conditions. There are several different filters to choose from and the selection is made according to prevailing ambient conditions. I-Valo luminaires are all equipped with the I-Valo filtering technique.

This luminaire had been in use for 10 years in a coke plant. When the polycarbonate cover was removed, it was discovered that the inside of the luminaire still looked shiny and new.

How does the filtering technique work?

The air current caused by the lighting fixture heating and cooling is passed through a filter, which captures dust and other dirt particles. Such impurities are removed from the air by either the filtering microfibre paper, the activated charcoal element or the GORE membrane. This ensures that no impurities get onto the surface of the specially treated reflectors in such a way that would cause them to emit a dimmer light or damage their sensitive LED chips or electronics.

Energy consumption and the need for maintenance decrease and lighting life cycle costs reduce considerably.

I-Valo filters

The larger I-Valo dual-effect filters include an activated charcoal element in addition to the microfibre paper. They also filter out different gases in addition to dirt particles. The choice of filter is made based on the ambient conditions in the installation environment.


with a plastic cover (ABEK2P3)


  • organic, inorganic and acid gases and vapours
  • ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives
  • hazardous solid and liquid particles, e.g. radioactive and toxic substances and micro-organisms

The dual-effect filter with plastic casing is more durable in environments where aggressive chemicals would corrode a filter with a metal casing, such as galvanising and pickling plants.

This filter can also be used in luminaires installed in environments where they are exposed to ammonia gas or fumes. This applies to luminaires located in animal shelters such as stables, henhouses, cow sheds and buildings for manure treatment, washing facilities, paint shops, water treatment plants and waste treatment plants, for example.


with a metal cover


  • organic, inorganic and acid gases and vapours
  • solid and liquid hazardous particles, e.g. radioactive and toxic substances and micro-organisms

The dual-effect filter with a metal casing is more durable than a filter with a plastic casing in environments with high temperatures.


with a plastic cover


  • solid and liquid particles of toxic agents
  • radioactive substances and micro-organisms, e.g. bacteria and viruses
  • dust particles and impurities larger than 0.01 μm

Typically used in luminaires that are used in standard industrial environments with dust in the air, such as power plants, boilers, pulp and paper mills, and the wood processing industry.


with plastic cover


with plastic cover


  • dirt, dust, salts, water and other harmful liquids
  • particularly recommended for use with luminaires installed in outdoor areas

Also recommended for facilities, where there is a need for regular cleaning due to strict hygiene regulations. This means that high humidity levels are often present. The thermal resistance of GORE filters is excellent; therefore, they are just as suited for cold rooms as they are for the highest ambient temperatures of I-Valo luminaires. GORE filters tolerate temperature variations well – washing facilities constitute one challenging application area where the ambient temperature can vary significantly.

Need help with a filter selection?

I-Valo personnel are always pleased to help and instruct you with filter selection. Feel free to contact us for further information.

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